About us

      The National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Mechanical Products for Building Materials Industry was established in 1992, approved by the former National Building Materials Industry Bureau. It has an independent legal person qualification with the metrology accreditation certificate of qualification accrediting issued by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China and the certificate authorized by China Building Materials Federation. Our Center has 20 high-level engineering technical personnel with a first-class test laboratory in China and the most advanced portable testing equipment, and is the only statutory national and ministry-level professional quality inspection agency for building materials machinery products.

      Our Center follows the "scientific and realistic, accurate and impartial, thorough and orderly, high quality and efficient"sevice purpose, has undertaken various entrustment inspections and equipment supervisions nearly one thousand building materials mechanical products in more than a dozen categories, and provided a full range of technical advisory services. We have played an active role for technology advances and product quality improvements of China's building materials mechanical products, and has been striving to become a significant international influence and high-profile testing and consulting service agency.